oh dear
suddenly i feel a bit alive
like i woke up in the middle of the night
and jumped out of bed and ran into the room
“i’m almost ready lets go lets go”
but no one is there really
but man do i feel it
but oh god
if i fall back asleep
will i be gone forever again?
is this how it’s going to be?
it’s not bad.
i feel so alive
so very alive
but only for seconds it seems
how many seconds will it be this time?
god i’m nervous
like i was drifting in the lukewarm stinking waters of glum
when suddenly a shiver
and a chill
as my foot finds clean fresh water
and the stars shine for a bit
oh god it’s nice and clear and fresh
i can see i can breathe
oh please don’t make me go back
god please don’t make me go back.